2019/5/10 Spealry β has been released!

Easily embed updatable content in 3 steps

  • Design templates

  • Create content from templates

  • Embed your content

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A new building experience for the Web

The main goal of your website is to deliver content.
A new CMS production and operation experience where you don't have to worry about speed, security, scalability or storage.
It's amazingly fast. Deliver your content in an instant.


It's amazingly fast. Deliver your content in an instant.

Delivering content to users fast is an important factor for your web, as it leads to user satisfaction. SPEARLY is focused on content delivery performance.


The platform is strong. Even stronger than you think.

In your business, it's very important that your content is always accurate. Deliver content flexibly and reliably with a robust environment.


Easy to use. Minimal and smart from installation to operation.

All you need is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Be as creative as you are with your content, and let SPEARLY take care of the rest.


  • 1. Design content templates
  • 2. Create content from templates
  • 3. Embed your content
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Set properties like title, image, description, and more according to the structure of your content; and create an easy-to-update template.

Create content based on your templates. Store and manage your content minimally and easily.

Use our provided JS scripts and tags to embed content to your site. The style can also be easily customized.


Team and Project management

Organize your content by Project and manage access with Teams.

API support

Your content can also be loaded via API.

Sample Templates

Basic sample templates are ready for you to use right away.

Component Tag

When embedding on a website, there is no need to implement API calls and data rendering. SPEARLY automatically identifies your custom tags in the page and replaces them with your content.

Content Preview

Preview your content immediately on SPEARLY before embedding to a website.

User posting interface

Dedicated screen for posting content to specific clients.

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